Will my roof cave in ?

studs supporting the beam ?

So I wasn’t exactly planning to get to this yet, it just sort of happened.  Anyway, I took the wallboard off the kitchen/living room divider.  It seems to me like that big ass beam doesn’t need anything to support it, but I’ll need to get a professional opinion before pulling all the studs.  If you can tell, let me know what you think please.

Door Trim

Anyway, I had a day off today, and as intending to finish up the floors.  Last night I went around and patched up most of the cracks, gaps and nail holes.  This morning I finished up the ;majority of the first pass on the floor.  Towards the end, I as going around and getting corners with the handheld orbital, when I realized that taking off the door trim would make it easier, so I did that.


Maybe I was in demolition mode or something by then, but for some reason I decided that if I was going to do one wall in the nest room, I might as well do the other perimeter wall for insulation, so I started tearing that off.  Why, I’m not really sure.  Everything behind the wall looks surprisingly great considering that its 53 years old.

Once I got half of that off, I figured I probably shouldn’t have done that, so I moved into the kitchen and started pulling off wallboard there.  I planned to do that anyway, and I’m glad its done.  Gotta figure out if the frame there is holding up the roof before I take the rest out.

Back to the sanding, I can’t decide if I should try my new pole sander with a once over, with the grain and 80 grit, or just use the orbital/buffer.  Again, I can’t decide if I should finish the sanding then cover, paint,  and stain, or cover, paint, sand and stain.  Option 1, I walk around on it and leave it succesptible b efore stainging.  Option 2, I make a mess again in the room after painting.  After some consultation with a few folks and an old-timer (aka expert) I’m going to try and get the floors done in the next few days.

upright belt sander

I think the last change in the flooring department, is using oil based  instead of water after a little research.  Seems a little safer.  Also, I’m going to the last 2 sandings by hand.  I was excited to try out my hair brained product improvements like the upright belt sander and the mini drum sander vacuum convert, but I’ve made enough mistakes already.  Also in the hair-brainded department, I took a bunch of the sawdust I vacuumed up and spread it out all over the floor, so I can vacuum it up again soon.  I’m hoping it will draw out any remaining moisture before I finish.

floor cleaning kit

Also last night, I tried to get some of the dark stains up.  I checked the dark spots with my moisture meter, and then seem to be damper than the rest of the floor.  So, I started off with a little 50/50 water and bleach with a light scrub.  Then, and little more hydrogen peroxide, and a little more scrubbing.  Let that set for 10 minutes, and wipe up most of it with paper towels.  Last, I covered it with kitty litter to suck up the moisture, and left it overnight.  Seemed to help a bit actually, but it’s not magic.

broom, not shop vac

Todays lesson-

  1. Sweep regularly, and vacuum last.  Its way more efficient.
  2. Use great care, and be careful with power sanders on your wood.
  3. stay focused and stop destroying drywall.
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